Our 2013 Year in Review, Pt. 1

2013 was our first year officially on the show scene. The guys at RavSpec and GTSPEC were nice enough to let us tag along with them to all of the major shows they attended and gave us booth space to sell our shirts and stickers. We even made an appearance on the west coast! It really helped us get our name out there! We appreciate all of the support we received throughout the season and could not have done it without all of you! It has really inspired us for the upcoming 2014 season and we hope to carry the momentum into this year.

One of the first events we attended back in May 2013. Compare this display to one of the last shows we attended in 2013!

The first show we attended in 2013 was the Mazda meet at Orange County Choppers. While it was a relatively smaller show in comparison to others we attended that season, it was a nice way to start off the year. We sold a handful of shirts and a good number of stickers that day, even though our selection was pretty bleak! Over the next few months however, we introduced several new designs.

In June, we hit up Wicked Big Meet, where we did better than expected. (Well, it depends who you ask. One half of us had much higher expectations, while the other has more realistic goals.) Wicked Big Meet is a huge Subaru enthusiasts meet at Stafford Motor Speedway in Connecticut. There were steady streams of people hitting up the RavSpec/GTSPEC/SoFresh booth throughout the day. In 2014 we hope to outdo ourselves, and even unveil a special Subaru-themed design too. Be sure to hit us up at Wicked in 2014!

We even have a drift car!

Another major event we attended with GTSPEC in June was Formula Drift at Wall Motor Speedway (Wall, NJ). SoFresh introduced a drift-themed design, highlighting the major components of drifting: speed, angle, line, style, smoke, and zip ties! It was an exciting event, and we look forward to returning with another drift-themed design in June 2014!

June 2013 was a busy month. The last show we attended in June was FreshMeet at Kean University in New Jersey. This was probably the most humid day of the summer. It was almost unbearable, until it rained. The rain eventually put an early end to the show, but we made a few sales and a couple new friends! It’s what made the trip down to NJ worthwhile; not to mention the group we rolled in with.

Part of our display at Tuner Evolution. We even have minions working for us now!

Fast forward to August. Tuner Evolution was held down in Pennsylvania. The drive down took longer than expected. Siri had some trouble finding the area, as did any Garmin device that did not have updated maps! The area around Valley Forge was relatively new, which explained why our GPS’ had so many issues. We were able to set up the displays a day before the actual event, although only half of the cars scheduled to show with us came down early. Those of us that did had a pretty fun time that night! Since several of the cars were left inside the expo center, the only mode of transportation back to the hotel was a mini van with no seats. Imagine 15 immigrants people falling out of a old Nissan Quest when they got back… Anyway, Tuner Evo was a pretty long day, but SoFresh did great! Better than expected (guess which person is writing this post)! Our Keep Calm Buy Real shirt was the biggest sell of the day and our group took away a handful of trophies.

You'll Never Understance
One of many product shots taken during our mini-photoshoot in August 2013.

During the month of August, we held a mini photoshoot to get some product photos taken for sofreshapparel.com. Most of the product photos you see on the site are from that shoot. It was great working with Lena and Pravan (P R A V A N | Photography). We highly recommend them. Ian (Cody) Galvez even made a cameo!

Coming up in Part 2 of our commentary, we recap the last three shows of the season and preview what is to come for the 2014 season! Stay tuned… 

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