Coverage: Wekfest San Jose 2016

The San Francisco Bay Area holds a special place in our hearts. You could even say that SoFresh was born out of San Francisco. When SoFresh was just a dream in our minds, we came to SF to meet up with some friends in the fashion/retail industry. From that point on, the dream became a reality!

Within a year of us starting out, our friends at Endless Projects approached us about establishing a west coast presence at local shows in the Bay Area. The thought of expanding was exciting, yet daunting. Still new to the game ourselves, would expanding so early help us or hurt us? It took us almost a year to figure out the best way to go about it, and with the persistence of Endless Projects, SoFresh West was born!

Fast forward to 2016. After we made the 15-hour road trip to Wekfest Chicago, we took a leap of faith and joined our west coast team for Wekfest San Jose. With a brand new tent set up debuted, we made our presence known to the Bay Area. We’ve seen all the past coverage of Wekfest SJ/SF. Nothing quite prepares you for the sheer number of people in attendance, and the quality of builds that the Bay Area has to offer. When they say that there’s 3 to 4 thousand people on line outside waiting to get in, they’re not joking! The line wrapped around the San Jose Convention Center. Once the doors opened to the event, it was non-stop traffic at every single vendor booth on the floor. It was so crowded inside that you could barely take any photos. We did our best though!

Here are just a few of the cars that really stood out to us. First, one noticeable difference between SF/SJ and Chicago or NY/NJ is the number of timeless classics present at the show. You just won’t see a turnout like this on the east coast because of how difficult it is to maintain these cars given our weather conditions.

If you’re a Honda enthusiast, you’ll find a nice variety of builds:

And even some non-Hondas that couldn’t leave the Honda game:

A definite stand-out at Wekfest San Jose was this Ferrari 458 GT3, one of the only ones in the aftermarket game.


Been wanting to see this car in person for a while now! It’s just insane!

Many clean builds from the ground up.

Great feeling when we already have some west coast fans.

Although the show was over, the crowd outside of the venue was beginning to form. The roll-out is just as highly anticipated as the show itself. Here’s a video of the first ten minutes:

We don’t believe any other stop on the Wekfest tour in the US can ever top the scale of SJ/SF. For sure, you can expect to see the blue and white SoFresh tent and flags at Wekfest San Jose for as long as they continue to host it there!

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