Show Coverage for July 2014

The summer is flying by! The initial plan was to recap each show after it happens but we can’t find the time to devote each show week after week, so we end up doing bulk recaps like this and the previous post. Anyhow, on to the photos!

In July, we attended Fresh Meet at Kean University for the 2nd year in a row. One significant difference between last year and this year was the location. The old parking lot that hosted last year’s Fresh Meet Summer Bash now has a half-finished building in it! The new venue was a half a block down. It felt more intimate since we didn’t see where most of the spectators were parked, and they had to walk over to visit the VIP area where we were vending. We had a prime spot near the DJ booth, who was getting the crowd worked up over our FREE shirts. I hope we made some new SoFresh fans along the way! Despite the downpour early on at the beginning of the meet, the skies cleared up and didn’t deter any spectators from the event. It was a great turn out! See you guys next year!

Here are some photos from the event, courtesy of JLiu Photography:

Once Fresh Meet was over, all we wanted was a shower (thanks, humidity!) and some food. After getting back to NY, we met up at Pye Boat Noodle in Astoria. If you’ve had your fair share of Thai food, then Pye Boat is a new gem that you’ve got to try. Everything from the decor to the water cups was done on point! If you’ve never been to Thailand, then sitting in that restaurant would make you feel as if you were there (minus the heat and humidity). The food is great too. They offer a few different noodle soups in addition to your traditional rice dishes. It’s a must try!

The following weekend was Waterfest 20 at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. This was our first year vending, alongside Bride and Work Wheels. We were immediately impressed with how seamless and professionally run the event was. I mean after 20 years, they have to have learned a few things or two right? We had great weather and a great turn out at the booth. We hope to see you guys again next year. We are also looking for SoFresh Ambassadors for the VW/Audi crowd! Let us know if you’ve got what it takes to represent SoFresh. Email to learn how you can become a SoFresh Ambassador.

Here are some photos from Waterfest 20:

That’s all for now, folks! Check out our Show page to find out where you can find us next! August is shaping up to be a huge month too. Remember, wear your SoFresh apparel and stop by our booth at any show to receive a complimentary gift as a thanks for your support!

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