Tuner Evolution 2014 Part2

So last we left off, you were seeing some of the cars rolling into Tuner Evolution. Before the spectators came in, I had the floor all to myself. Check out some of the early birds.





Growing up this was one of my dreams cars. I just loved the windows. This one shared similar styling cues as the S2000 below._MG_8035








I saw this legacy last year and spent some time going over the details of the conversion. A true beauty and one of a kind car.



Loved this BRZ on Vip Modulars. I honesly always thought thought the wheels were for a VIP look but the hybrid between sport and VIP just works.

























Easily one of my favorite Hondas. Will did an amazing job with this rendition. Ever since I saw the short documentary I’ve always wanted to see it in person._MG_8173



Ian coming back strong from his short hiatus!_MG_8163



Raymond all the way from Chicago with his Silver ignition FRS with the new ZE40 and Varis kit. Its amazing how it came out. _MG_8228

























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