Tuner Evolution 2014 Part1

Tuner Evolution has easily become one of the biggest car shows on the East coast and rightfully so. Well organized, with different cars with a slice of every style ranging from VIP, drift, time attack and even a few donks. Some of the expected crews to make an appearance included Liberty VIP, Emotion Crew, RavSpec, Elite and Four Star Society. The presence of some of these cars are enough to breaknecks and have people gawking, like this wide body NSX. _MG_8093_MG_8098_MG_8103_MG_8091_MG_8090_MG_8089 This RHD DC5 from none other than Team Emotion was definitely one of my favorites. Sporting a supercharger, Joe Cooper did an amazing job with this one. Lester had the honors of escorting it to TunerEvo. _MG_8085_MG_8088 Although there were quite a few Hondas present, almost all were well done. These Hondas have definitely grown over the years. _MG_8068 _MG_8066 _MG_8063 _MG_8061 Our booth was in full force and ready to go although it was missing Calvin who had to also attend Bimmerfest. He later made his way back to close out the day. You can get some of the items HERE!_MG_8138 _MG_8142 _MG_8283 Stay tuned for the next set of images!

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