Wekeast 2014 Part 1

When you think of Wekfest, you imagine some of the best built cars in the nation. As a traveling car show, it has garnered an elite status and prestige among many enthusiasts. This being the second time we have been able to be part of the show, we were able to see some amazing cars once again. Alongside Ravspec, some of the SoFresh cars were able to draw some of the crowds. As always the morning lineup to enter the event is a site to see. We often view the cars within the venue but seeing it outside and on pavement is something that really enjoy.







Below both cars, the CRX along with the FD3S were some of our favorites. Sleek clean lines with tasteful upgrades that compliment factory lines are all we can ask for.



While setting up, we were amazed at how many wheels were up for display at the Ravspec booth.



Despite some drizzle, the cars rolled into the venue. Below is Calvin’s own widebody GC8, more images to come!











Our booth was stocked with gear and ready for the start of the show!









Thats it for now but stay tuned for part 2!

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