Wekeast 2014 Part 2

So back to some of our favorite rides! A car build is something that takes time, money and patience. Many cars that are “done” include just a drop and wheels but we were glad to see some of the best car builds on this side of the US.

This J’s racing S2000 easily topped the list of favorites.



Another favorite was this EVOX owned by Mark Aquino.


Team Emotion has always brought an impressive showing.








While the folks were getting settled, LIberty VIP/Sport made sure all the cars were present.







Wekfest has always had a sizable Honda following and it was present with some of the best at the show.





Below are all Toyotas but the styles were so different.



The family man.



Check out some of the others we loved.






Until next time! We will be at Import Evolution this weekend so look for us!

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