What is SoFresh?

Often times, people come up to the booth and ask me, “What is SoFresh?” In it’s simplest form, SoFresh is a lifestyle apparel brand. You mostly see us at car shows and similar events, but we see ourselves as more than just a car lifestyle brand. To live a SoFresh Lifestyle, you live your life with passion. Whatever your interests are, you do it with passion.

Nawshin Basher

If your passion happens to be cars, then your car is a reflection of you; your work, your life. The blood, sweat, and tears that go into your build, that give it life, that give your car its character is what it means to be SoFresh. If you don’t wear replica brand name clothing, you don’t put replica wheels on your car. You’re true to yourself, as is your car. #StayFreshStayTrue

If your passion is travel, you yearn for the next adventure. You’re constantly hunting for deals for destinations you’ve never been to. You’re driven by wanderlust; a need to experience new things and to see the world through your own eyes and not someone else’s GoPro camera. You look for spots that are off-the-beaten path, treasure the memories made, and immerse yourself in different cultures, food, and traditions. #ThisIsMyLifestyle

Japan Eats
Beef Bowl with Soft Boiled Egg (Japan)

If your passion is food… well who doesn’t like food? You make sure you take photos of whatever it is you’re eating because a chef’s canvas is that plate and whatever s/he puts on it is temporary work of art. You get excited over how a mix of flavors and textures make your taste buds dance and can’t wait for that next bite. You’re always looking out for new spots to try and stay loyal to the little holes in the walls and mom & pop shops who continue to do what they do because they love it; because it’s their passion. #ThatsSoFresh

When someone comes up to you and points to whatever SoFresh apparel you’re wearing and asks you, “What is SoFresh,” what will your answer be? #SoFreshLifestyle

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